Asset Management


Our Philosophy:

When it comes to your investments the philosophy of Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. is that you should know what you own and why you own it. We believe that in order to make the best investment decisions for our clients, we need to know our client well. We take time to learn about each client’s financial situation, philosophies around money, and future goals.

Once we have a full financial picture, we work to choose investments that align with your needs and goals. We also make all efforts to explain why we chose your holdings and educate you on how each holding fits into your unique investment plan.

Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

For clients that wish to include their core values in investment decisions, Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. takes each client’s unique values into consideration when making investment decisions and do our best to respect and incorporate them into the overall investment allocation. This can mean we try to avoid companies that offend a client’s values such as a company that produces fossil fuels or doesn’t pay a living wage. On the flip side we try to include companies because they address a client’s desires to be invested according to certain personal criteria such as companies that are known for gender diversity, paying a living wage, or good labor practices.*

*Please note: Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. and its Advisor(s) is not holding itslef out to be an expert in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. We simply utilize widely available public information about a company, its industry, and its practices to make a determination as to its appropriateness for a client portfolio.

Our Process

Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. utilizes a two-part process to choose investment holdings for our clients. Many advisors utilize either fundamental research or technical research (charting) to choose securities that can be included in client portfolios.

We use both methods to determine a companies appropriateness for model portfolios.

1) Fundamental Analysis:

Securities included in our SASI model portfolios are first vetted against a proprietary list of fundamental measures to ensure that a company meets or exceeds our measures for company health and financial soundness.

2) Technical Indicators:

The next step in the process measures each security against several select technical (chart) indicators that allow your manager to choose the appropriate time to buy each security.

Of course, there are no guarantees that any investment process will consistently yield excellent returns; but the fundamental and technical measures developed by our founder, Helen Rake CFP®, during her 20 year career provides a structured method that is deployed in a disciplined and consistent manner. This provides our clients with an excellent opportunity for long-term success.

How We Are Paid:

We are a fee-based asset manager. This means that we are paid a percentage of assets under management paid in advance quarterly, that fluctuates as your account value does, putting you and your advisor on the same side of the table. You can also feel confident that we will never try to sell you any investment product or have a commission based incentive to do anything other than what is in your best interest. We believe this is the most equitable and transparent compensation model for all parties.

Walking the Walk:

Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. is proud to offer these services as an integral part of our own sustainability initiative. We move toward creating a greener company with a consistent approach to conservation and waste reduction by using sugar cane and recycled paper products, utilizing secure, encrypted paperless records whenever possible, and minimizing mailing of hard copy documents via secure, encrypted email. While we understand we must continuously strive to improve our footprint, we believe we have made small, important steps toward our goal of being a good corporate citizen.