Success Through Experience

Finance is not stagnant and requires maintenance and management. We have a proven track record of over 15 year experience in such matters.

Our Philosophy:

When it comes to your investments the philosophy of Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. is that you should know what you own and why you own it.  We believe in order to make the best investment decisions, our clients need to be informed about not only the company’s profit and losses but also whether it is a responsible organization using alternative energy, fair trade, acceptable labor policies, environmentally responsible production methods and ethical business practices.

We strive to ensure that our client’s investment dollars follow their core values.  We believe the principles that motivate a person to be their best could and should be applied to their investment allocation as well.  Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. affords its clients access to unique opportunities to invest in companies creating common good.

Our Process:

Put Your Money Where Your Values Are℠

Understanding that each investor defines “Social Responsibility” in their own way, Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. utilizes an in-depth Financial Profile and Risk Tolerance discovery questionnaire to identify the Ethical, Environmental, Social and Governance (EESG) criteria that are important to them. We then help our clients express the findings as a diversified portfolio they can feel good about.

EESG Criteria meet Disciplined Fundamental Analysis™

Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. (SASI) has developed a proprietary 3 part process to identify companies that meet Ethical, Environmental, Social and Governance (EESG) criteria, are fundamentally sound and represent good current value. In this way we give our investors an opportunity to accomplish their investing goals as well as create prosperity for future needs.


1) Fundamental Analysis:

All securities included in our SASI model portfolios are first vetted against a proprietary list of fundamental measures to ensure that your portfolio not only supports values that are important to our clients, but gives them the best opportunity to create long term prosperity.


2) EESG Criteria Matrix©:

Next each stock is placed on SASI’s EESG Criteria Matrix©. This matrix identifies securities that meet certain Ethical, Environmental, Social, and Governance (EESG) measures and may be appropriate for values-based portfolios. Their Advisor will use this matrix to create a portfolio of securities that strive to mirror their individual values and ethical standards.


3) Technical Indicators:

The last step in the process measures each security against several select technical indicators that allow our managers to choose the appropriate time to buy each security.
Of course, there are no guarantees that any investment process will yield excellent returns; but the fundamental and technical measures developed by our founder, Helen Rake CFP®, during her 14 year career in conjunction with the EESG Criteria Matrix© provides a structured method that is deployed in a disciplined and consistent manner. This provides our clients with an excellent opportunity for long-term success.

How We Are Paid:

We are a fee-based asset manager. This means that we are paid a percentage of asset under management that fluctuates as your account values does, putting you and your advisor on the same side of the table. You can also feel confident that we will never try to sell you any investment product or have a commission based incentive to do anything other than what is in your best interest. We believe this is the most equitable and transparent compensation model for all parties.

Walking the Walk:

Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. is proud to offer these services as an integral part of our own sustainability initiative. As we move toward creating a greener company with a consistent approach to conservation and waste reduction, we demonstrate our own commitment to sustainability in our annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

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