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Other Services

We offer a a wide array of additional services at Synergy Asset Strategies Inc. Follow along below to learn more.


Charitable Giving

Do you have a desire to support charities that mean a great deal to you? Whether it’s your local parish, homeless ministry, animal shelter or a national/international charity we can help you determine the best way to share your bounty and contribute to the common good.


Our commitment to our Community:

At Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. we want to participate in creating common good locally. To that end, our founder has made a commitment to donate 5% or more of all profits to a worthy local cause, charitable organization or community project that we determine to be in alignment with our goal to be a committed and faithful community advocate.


Trust Services

Should you require trust management to administer a family inheritance, complex asset strategy or other trust related service, Synergy Asset Strategies can help. Either through an appropriately titled trust account or through a custodial or third party trust service provider we will help you stay in compliance with the requirements of the governing trust document while helping you manage the assets within wisely.


Detailed Reporting

Have you ever been more confused by your brokerage or mutual fund statement after you reviewed it?
Does it leave you wondering how much money you actually made or lost last month or quarter?
Does it take an act of Congress to figure out how your account measures up to the major indices or benchmarks?
As a client of Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. you will no longer need to struggle to understand statements because each quarter you will receive a detailed account report that is easy to read and spells out how your assets performed in comparison to Model Benchmarks as well as recognized indices.

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