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Whether you want to follow the latest sustainability news, find green products, support local sustainability initiatives or learn more about Socially Responsible or Values Based Investing, this page is for you.

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  • Advantage Office Products – Providing a full line of greener office products to Northeast Florida. To order click the link and search “green products” or call (904) 737-0066.

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Pax World Investments ESG Resources and Links
Three of the many investment reports from the Pax website:

UBS: The Decade Ahead
UBS Financial Services Inc., Wealth Management Research, 2011
In this UBS report, The Decade Ahead, senior market and industry experts provide long- term analysis of a full range of subjects including the broadening reach of socially responsible investing (SRI).

Jeremy Grantham: Time to Wake Up: Days of Abundant Resources and Falling Prices are Over Forever
Jeremy Grantham, GMO Quarterly Letter, April 2011
In this newsletter, Mr. Grantham warns that the world is using up its natural resources at an alarming rate, and this has caused a permanent shift in their value.

Merrill Lynch: Values-Based Investing Comes of Age
: Christopher J. Wolfe , The White Papers: Intelligence for the Informed Investor
Bank of America Private Banking and Investment Group, 2011
In this white paper, Mr. Wolfe discusses Values Based Investing (VBI), the strategy of putting investors’ assets where they do society and the planet good.

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