Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets, build your wealth, and pass it on to your heirs so protecting your hard earned money makes sense. After all, if you are not properly prepared, one major illness, accident, or law-suit could ruin your carefully crafted financial plan by draining your reserves and robbing you of your desired retirement lifestyle and legacy to your heirs.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is essential to any good asset protection strategy and our goal is to work with your attorney to develop a plan to minimize the impact of taxes, protect as much of your estate from liability as possible and allow you to direct your assets to your heirs as you wish. If you don’t have an attorney, we can help locate one that is qualified to assist you in creating an estate plan.


As part of your ongoing comprehensive wealth management strategy, we will also evaluate your current life, disability, or long-term care policies and determine what, if any, additional insurance protection is warranted or if you have too much coverage. We then help you obtain or adjust your coverage as needed or when appropriate refer you to an independent third party to do so.

Policy Audit

A policy audit is another value added service we can provide at no cost to you through a third party affiliation. This detailed independent report will show whether your current life policy is properly funded, is adequate to cover your needs and if there are any lower cost alternatives available. Insurance offerings change constantly as insurers try to remain competitive and provide better coverage so it is always a good idea to have your policy evaluated periodically.
Through a good estate plan and appropriate insurance coverage, we can help you protect your hard earned money and allow you to enjoy and pass on your monetary legacy.

Please Note: Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. (SASI) and its licensed representative(s) may offer certain insurance products and receive commissions on those products. Insurances products are offered through independent third party agencies that are not affiliated with SAS