Financial Planning According to Your Values

Not all financial planning is created equally. While the basic planning process is the same, the result when applying one’s values to the equation can be quite different. The process begins with first discussing and determining your specific values in order to build a meaningful foundation using money as a tool, not just a means to an end. Whether you have environmental, social, religious or moral concerns, Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc. will help you determine whether your current portfolio enhances these values or undermines them.

We respect every individual’s unique values system, morals and ethical guidelines and work hard to create synergy between your values and your money. Having a clear understanding of what’s most important to you enables Synergy Asset Strategies to construct a road map that can lead to financial success. Success you can feel good about!

Next Steps:

  • Once Synergy Asset Strategies determines what’s most important to you, we will evaluate your current financial status and work to set specific and measurable goals to help you achieve the long-term results you desire.
  • Then we’ll take a look at what you currently invest in. We’ll help you determine if your investments are aligned with your stated values and goals and if they are adequately meeting your needs for growth and/or income.
  • If your investments are not in alignment and/or are not leading to your stated goals, we will design a personal investment strategy that can help you do both.
  • From there, we will monitor your results regularly, update the plan when necessary and continue to innovate and change your personal strategy as you and your family changes.

Nothing guarantees that you will meet all your goals, but we feel that this process gives you the best opportunity to lay out a sensible monetary strategy while keeping you motivated and aware of what it will take to get to your long term financial goals.